creative process

Here is a helpful outline for you to see what the creative process is for your new piece of jewelry from D.D. Designs.

1.You can find photos of rings and pendants on the internet, magazines, newspaper fliers, and catalogs. Internet photos can be easily saved to a file and uploaded at the Contact Page. Photos you see in print can be scanned, using your printer scanner, and then saved to a file and uploaded at the Contact Page. Sketches, no matter how simple, can also be used as a starting point for your jewelry creation. These too can be scanned and sent to us. For a creation that is so unique that you cannot find a photo and you're not comfortable with your drawing skills, a detail description of your idea is all you’ll need to give a designer a starting point for your one of a kind jewelry piece. If possible, it is also very useful to have a price range you want to stay within.

2. Once your information is receive it will be reviewed by a jewelry expert and if there are further questions you will be contacted by email. When the information is sufficient to proceed you can expect to receive, in one week, an estimate for the finished piece and a photo-like rendering of your jewelry creation. These will be emailed to you. We are pleased to offer this estimate and lifelike photo to you at no charge.

3. Please review the photo and estimate carefully and inform us of your likes and dislikes of what you see. The CAD rendering will be preliminary but still sophisticated enough for you to understand what your finished jewelry will look like. One of the advantages of CAD jewelry design are the countless changes that can be made simply.

4.Up to this point all our services to you have been free and cost you only some of your time. We are sure you have gotten a better understanding of the details of your jewelry piece. You will know the cost, the materials used, the quality of stones used, the weight, the size, the finished look and overall feasability of your creation.

5. Now if you have been satisfied with the service and work we have given to you it will be time to submit a nonreturnable monetary commitment of $150.00. This payment will supply you with revised renderings and designing refinements that will culminate with your creation being ready to cast into metal. Credit will be given on your final statement. We will work for your complete satisfaction.

6. At this point you and the designer have finished the designing process and you are in complete agreement with all aspects of the design. Cost, precious metals and stones used, size ,and the look of the jewelry piece have all met your expectations and complete approval. The next step is to cast your piece in precious metal.

7. Before your design can be casted into a precious metal payment of half the finished price must be receive. Your creation will then be casted and completed as a finished one of a kind piece of jewelry. This process takes about 3 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. You will be sent an email with photo of your finished creation. The work has now been done and all that is left to do is get this beautiful creation to you.

8. When final payment is received your jewelry creation will be sent to you by Fed-Ex Next Day Air. We expect you will be thrilled upon receiving your finished, one-of-a-kind jewelry and expect your complete satisfaction with our workmanship. Your piece will be fully guaranteed for the first year and after that you will receive lifetime repair service at a low wholesale price.

We want you to be fully satisfied with your experience with us. We have strived to make this a comfortable and secure purchase experience by breaking the payments into stages corresponding to the designing segments involved. We realize people have reservations about custom jewelry purchases and feel our methods will alleviate these fears and give you a fun, exciting and rewarding purchasing experience. Thank you and please tell your friends about us.



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