The more jewelry knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to buy jewelry and take care of the jewelry you have.

This information can be found at, and Information on the CAD software used in your design process can be found at Useful jewelry knowledge is also supplied to you by D.D. Designs in the following articles.

The Four C's

Fine diamonds are among the most coveted of all gems. Their value, however, differs widely from one diamond to another. Experts evaluate every diamond for rarity and beauty, using four primary guidelines. These are called The Four C's -- Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Read more...

About Gold

Pure gold (fine gold) is softer than pure silver but harder than tin. Its beauty and luster are unmatched by any alloyed golds. The extreme malleability, ductility, and softness of pure gold make it practically useless for jewelry applications. Read more...

Birth Stones

Gem Care

Gems are among the most durable of nature’s creations. With a little care, they will be as beautiful for generations to come as they are today. Keep in mind these gem care tips. Read more...

Why Does Gold Discolor Fingers?

Your customers may think that faulty manufacturing or underkarating might be the problem when a ring "turns," blackening or discoloring the skin and clothing, or the jewelry itself. However, that is not the case. You can help them understand the causes, and how to prevent them. Read more...

Measuring Stones

Traditional Wedding/Anniversary Stones


Diamond Weights & Sizes

Jewelers Mutual

Once you've chosen a beautiful piece of jewelry, your next decision should be how you will insure it.  An A.M. Best A+ Superior-rated company, Jewelers Mutual offers unmatched expertise and service to its customers. They have specialized in insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses since 1913.  Visit to obtain coverage details, get your free quote, apply online and discover the benefits of insuring your jewelry.

Must be a U.S. resident age 18 years or older to apply.  Jewelers are not licensed agents for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and cannot sell or recommend insurance. Jewelers Mutual is an alternative to other insurance companies you may be considering.

Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of AmericaManufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America

Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America provides resources for member companies that span all areas of the jewelry industry—precious and fashion jewelry manufacturers, designers, bench jewelers, suppliers of the latest equipment and services, gem dealers, and retailers that want a better understanding of jewelry manufacturing processes.

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[Measuring Stones]

[Traditional Wedding/Anniversary Stones]


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